Miscellaneous Dressing Supplies

Hydrocolloid Pad

- Used to make custom maggot therapy dressings at the bedside. Simply cut a hole in the pad to match the wound shape, place remaining pad as a foundation around the wound, place the maggots on the wound bed, and glue your porous cover (i.e., Creature Comforts polyester net) to the hydrocolloid foundation.

Hydrocolloid pad, 4" x 4":
Hydrocolloid pad, 8" x 8":

Nu-Hope Adhesive

- For gluing polyester net to hydrocolloid pad or other foundation. Shake (the bottle) well just before use.

Liquid adhesive, 1 oz (30 ml):

Tape, Durapore Tape

- Tape a window frame over the polyester net to secure it.

1" wide x 10 yards; 1 roll:

Transparent membrane dressings

- Used optionally to secure the maggot dressing to the skin, especially for wounds over areas prone to excessive movement (i.e., joints), perspiration or soiling (i.e., sacrum, coccyx). Placed as a frame over the net-hydrocolloid bond and extending onto the peripheral skin, can make maggot dressings more durable in areas predisposed to soiling and loosening (i.e., wounds over sacrum, coccyx, joints).

~2" x 3" (brand may vary):
Box of 100:

Skin protective wipe

- Used optionally to protect the healthy skin around the wound from rash, maceration or damage from the adhesives and wound drainage (assorted brands).

Skin protective wipe (brand may vary):
Box of 50:


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