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Monarch Labs is the leading biotherapy company in the United States. We manufacture and distribute Medical Maggots™ (disinfected Phaenicia sericata larvae), a natural (non-genetically modified) wound treatment with a long history of use around the world.

Medical Maggots™ are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as a prescription only medical device for treating pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, neuropathic foot ulcers and non-healing traumatic or post surgical wounds.

Most private insurance and public (Medicare, Medicaid, DVA, etc.) health benefits payors will reimburse maggot therapy. We can provide assistance with obtaining reimbursement.

The application of maggot therapy is a painless, quick and easy 3-step process using our specially constructed dressings.

Just like with human wounds, Medical Maggots™ are often used in veterinary medicine to treat animal wounds.

The team here is glad to answer any questions you might have. If you are a patient looking for a maggot therapy practitioner or a health care practitioner wanting to learn how to administer maggot therapy, contact us.

All of Monarch Labs products are designed and made in the United States.

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